About Me


I could say so much here but I think the Blog should do the talking.

Reading my blog will be the best way to learn more about me, my feelings, emotions, views, what makes me tick.

Ultimately, I am just Me!




12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I agree. The blog can tell a person so much more about someone than an “about” page. I’ll look forward to reading some of the posts. Meanwhile, thank you for the visit and hope you return soon…


      • Thank you so much.
        I am humbled. I am truly am.
        I am still trying to find my way, but I am so grateful that others are taking comfort in my words and are able to make sense of their own through mine!

        And well done you!

        I am still trying to work out who you are though.

      • Thanks is not needed just know I have walked your path with you and held your hand. So I completely overstand.

        I am the childhood friend by blood but family by heart our paths have been separated by life but my spirit has never left and my memories are the key to our past.

        Enough of my pretend poetry you are the writer๐Ÿ˜Š

        I hope to bump into you soon as its always a pleasure to see your face……. with my thick eyebrow


      • Sweetie!
        You are my so much more than a childhood friend.
        You are my sister. Always was and always will be!
        Always in my heart and on my mind, despite being out of my sight!

        I love you more than words! I honestly do.
        Many of those dark days I only got through because of you.
        We share a history and a bond that can never be severed!

        We need to meet up or even speak soon.

        I am going to email you.


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