Who don’t hear must feel!

He isn’t coming back And he shouldn’t 
He ought not 

He should not have ever looked my way

He should never have spoken to me 

He should not have used his voice to hypnotise me

I ought never have listened

I should have covered both ears 

I should have closed my eyes, all 3

I should have sage’d and sea salted him out of my heart and my memories 


How could I have rid him when he has always been there

When he has been shadowing me

When our paths were destined to cross, eventually

From mutual friends to localities 

Our meeting was always destined

He ought not have pursued it

He, of Him, knowing himself and karmically knowing me, should have used his powers for as opposed to on me

He isn’t coming back this time

I don’t think

I’m not sure

He ought not

But that hasn’t stopped him before

It hasn’t stopped me from welcoming him either

I don’t want him to come back

I don’t want to settle 

For what 

I said no comprising on anything 

For what

I need more

I need better 

I should have it

Why not

I don’t want him to come back

But…. I didn’t want him to leave either 

© KLove 2017

All Rights Reserved

#writer #femalenonpoet #biographicwritting #poetry #selflove #selfhealing #artist #feminism #blacklove #mindfulness #buildingwomen#buildingus#lovingmentoo#kloveismbrand #kloveism#klovesU


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