Mood Rings (2) Half of a circle is not whole

I chooseYou

I have been choosing you

I have consistently chosen you over several years 

I have continued to choose you in this present moment 

I will most likely continue to choose you until you break me

I don’t choose to be broken 

But breaking is what you do

Yet I still choose you

That’s what a healer is intended to do

To mend that which is broken

To cease the breaking to continue 

You don’t realise that you need to be chosen to

You are broken

So you break

It is what you have always done

It is all that you know

You are broken

So you break

Even if you don’t mean to

Even though I believe you when you say that you do not intend or want to

You are not not excused

Your breaking is not acceptable 

In order to stop the breaking

You need to be chosen 

Being the me that I am

Being of healing and Love

Because no matter what I Love you

I choose you

As much as it hurts me at times

Despite the less that not enough that you give 

In the Knowing that you are not able or even willing maybe to choose me

Even though others don’t want me to

Despite your best efforts to break me

I choose you

When I am gone (because I will eventually have to leave)

You will understand it

You will be different 

So I continue to choose you 


Against odds

In between years

In silence

In dislike

Soaked with tears

During the nights where thoughts of you rob me of much needed sleep

Amongst but over and above adverse feelings caused by you 

Physically present or not

I choose you

Because I am the I that is me

Because I am of Love and healing 

Because you are you

And I Love you endlessly 

I will always choose you
© KLove 2017

All Rights Reserved

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