Riddle Me This

When the Love runs so deep why should I chase it!

When the love flows freely within and from me how is it that I have so much more to give

When the love bares and answers to your name how is it that it is silent upon your ears

When the love causes my heart to beat irregular how is it that Into you it seeks to breath

When the love wants you how is it that you are ignorant to its needs

When the love is so much more than love why is it too little and also too much for your empty soul. How is it that it is not enough to appease your past and present fear

When the love bows in your presence, how is it that your dictation is not King!

When the love is of the womb, the creator of you and all beings, how is that you have such a disregard of the form that shapes it!

When the love is my love, how is that you dare to question its credibility 

You are a fool

And I foolish

The love taught us this 

These are the raw facts that it speaks

Yet the Love still is Love!

© KLove 2017

All Rights Reserved

#writer #femalenonpoet #biographicwritting #poetry #selflove #selfhealing #artist #feminism #blacklove #mindfulness #buildingwomen#buildingus#lovingmentoo#kloveismbrand #kloveism#klovesU


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