A year ago today

A year ago today!

A year ago today I pressed the button and published my 3rd book!

The 3rd book that I swore that I wouldn’t write!
Although of the same subtitle each of my books stand alone!

Each book represents an element of me!

Each book speaks the silence that the 3 K’s held within!

It has been a journey 

A long one.

One that has felt like torture and punishment for most of it!

One of consistent giving of Love although little or none is returned or received.

One of giving to many who have only the intention to receive!

This book my just be my favourite because the 3rd me spoke directly to the thieves!!

In this book, I let the 3rd K 3Free🙋🏾 It has been a journey! ❤️
“Lets Talk About Love! (and Pain)- 3FREE is the 3rd book in the Lets Talk About Love! (and Pain) series. In this 3rd offering KLove has truly put the Free into her unique style. 

Taking the reader on a more intrusive journey into her thoughts, Love, and Pain, KLove also allows the reader into her mind! Fearlessly dictating in a way that only she can! 

True to the words that she wrote in Talawa, KLove displays that: 

“Timid & Afraid is no longer most usually she”! 

She just writes & it is Bold, Unapologetic, Beautiful, Heart Wrenching, Inspiring & Riveting. 

3Free is Engaging, Karmic, Honest, Autobiographical/imaginational/mind explorative Poetry at its best! 

3Free is authentic KLoveism & KPhilosphy!  

If this is to be the 3rd and final book as KLove states, it is most definitely a charm!

She has truly saved the best until last!”
© KLove 2015

All Rights Reserved

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LETS TALK ABOUT LOVE! (and Pain ) 2: WOmanME: Volume 2

Lets Talk About Love! (and Pain): 3Free: Volume 3


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