39.99 (Approaching 40)- 0 10 Feelings

(0 10 Feelings)I like voices

He voices

Him voices 

I like the bass

I like depth within 

I like the pronunciation

Even though it is so far removed from mine

I like the sound

I can feel the lips as they curl around the words!

I hear the softness in the lips as each word leaves

They sound kissable

They sound like they feel sensual 

But also dangerous 

I like the cracks in the voice

It sounds raspy sometimes 

It reminds me of clean crisp bedsheets on a Sunday late afternoon lay in

I don’t know why

Maybe I just want to lay in it 

I like this particular voice

I find that it soothes

I think I might like to stroke it

Long strokes! 

I think I might like to hold it or to wrap my hands around it!


For long periods of consolidated and isolated time!

In stillness 

The voice makes me like him

It makes me feel connected 

I have to concentrate 

I think maybe the voice could talk me out of items and into positions


I think maybe it would sound Beautiful against my skin

And in the nape of my neck

Whispers buried deep

Imagine; all of that bass spoken into density!

I imagine it to sound like thick sticky molasses!

I think I might like to open wide and swallow it whole 

His voice 

I like it

My female likes to follow its lead

It feels directed

It makes me think of that time when the 0 preceded the 10

Archived memories

I miss this voice 

Even when I am hearing it
© KLove 2017

All Rights Reserved

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