39.99(Approaching 40)

39.99(Approaching 40)
People keep asking about the external changes I will make for my 40

Wear a little make up

Thread your eyebrows?

I am working on changes, but none that can be physically seen

I’m working on beautifying internally

Make up


Do not maketh me

Nearly 40 years naturally 

No desire to be or live differently

And not because I am free of hang ups or insecurities 

I am riddled with them

They course through my shyness daily!

They empower my issues with rejection!

They have frequent and vast discourse with my singular, debating as to whether they are the cause


I stand firm in my comfort of being this version of me

In my naturalness 

My concern and attention will always be directed at ensuring that I am internally shining!


It’s only my Inner Glow that I will allow to define me!

© KLove 2017

All Rights Reserved


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