3 Years ago Today

3 years ago today!!2013

3 whole years ago

I wasn’t even aware of the major shift that was happening. Although I could feel it stirring.

I was blinded to the transition. I did not want to see what scared me!

3 years ago today I sat in my bed on a Sunday afternoon and pressed Publish!

Hardly anyone knew that I had been harboring it!

I pressed Publish and immediately said out loud ” Oh S…., what will they think, how will they take it, this was a mistake, I shouldn’t have done it”🙈
3 years ago today

Aged 36.8

So much has changed in a space of time that feels like minutes!

Now aged 39.8

2 other books harbored

2 other books published 

A cd, interviews, book events, workshops

KLOVEISM is a living breathing thing!
3 years ago today

I pressed Publish 

With no idea what would come next

But with a feeling that I was meant to do it.
3 years ago today 

I pressed Publish for the 1st time.

The Insular me is smiling and cheering for us 3Free!

           © KLove 2015

           All Rights Reserved


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