2 years ago!

The time has flown by!

So much has changed 

So much is still the same!

I have changed!

Yet I am still so very much the same!

I have grown so much!

Into the WOman(that is)ME!

Yet I am still very much learning and mastering WO….ME!

I am still missing the man that sits so beautifully in between!!!

I have published 3 books.

All very personal and special to me.

All for different reasons. 

All with different meaning and to speak different messages!

All inciting,encouraging and empowering my 3Free!

However for so many reasons I feel the most connected to this middle book.

I felt most connected when writing it!
Maybe because KLove wrote it and she often feels the most connected and Free to be Me!

Maybe because deep down I still Love Him! and still feel connected to He!
Maybe because the cover picture so accurately encapsulates the 

WOman(that is )Me!

Comfortable in her naked skin

More at peace in her naked skin as opposed to when covered by layers or camouflaging!

Yet her shoulders are tense and raised and her back is defined and strong looking; all due to so many years of carrying! 

On account of inherit and historic pain and insecurities!

Staring out of a window, which is really a depiction of her internal and spiritual searching!

Standing stoic within thousands and thousands of thoughts and constant feeling and emotion which are not just hers, but those drawn from so many others due to her Empath being!

Standing stoic in her unwanted memories!

Pen in hand, always ready, to document it!

Pen in hand smoking as the release it brings fuels her therapy!

But most definitely because this book marked and documented the Evolution of ME!

In writing this book I attached to the Ok in the not Ok Me!

In writing and sharing my words I developed an Overstanding of the Beauty, the Power and the Love that is WOmanMe!

© KLove 2016

All Rights Reserved


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