I have never been good with harbouring thoughts, feeling or emotion!Although I became an expert at it!

These past couple of months have been a time of reflection and searching. The soul kind!

There has also been much back and forth between the 3Free K’s that = Me!

There has been a shift.

It had been coming and I couldn’t call it.

A shift In thinking, feeling and emotion.

There has been a shift in Tolerance and Acceptance .

You see no one knows Me better that Me!

No one knows what is best for Me, more than Me!

I say this not from a place of Ego, but from a place of self love, self belief, self knowledge!

A place of hard and painful work!

A place of acquired and accepted Peace!

For many years I was surrounded by, susceptible and influenced by what others thought made or would make me a better Me!

At 39.5 years existing, I am finally standing stoic in the knowledge that I can only be the Me that I was created to be!

And that that Me is Good Enough!

That Me is Worthy!

That Me is imperfectly Perfect.

At 39.5 years existing I overstand what and who works for Me! 

I overstand the influence and the ramifications within Me when infiltrated by opposite or polluted energies! 

I overstand the difference between selfishness and self preservation because I have spent years re-wireing mental tapes and smoothing over mental scars in order to maintain existing!

No one knows how that feels other than Me! 

I speak to people frequently and I affirm to them that no man nor woman is worth it worthy of their emotional or mental peace!

So if any point they feel it is being compromised they Must dissolve the relationship! As hard as it may be.

Such decisions are never easy, however they are necessary.

I speak to people often who feel misunderstood and isolated by the feeling.

I understand them!

That once was (and still at times) Me.

I affirm that as long as they knowing and understanding themselves and their decisions is the only way to maintain Free!

This has been a week of reflecting.

What has manifest is a greater understanding of the Me that I be.

An appreciation of what is has taken from me and for me maintain existing!

No one knows me better than Me!

At 39.5 I approve of the Me that I see!

Not perfect, but not a man living is!

It has taken time for Me to accept Me!

I can not now be shaken.

Take me as I am

Like, Love me as I am.

As I do you!

As I see you!

With Love and without condition.

If unable 

Our relationship can not exist.

I no longer adhere to labels.

I no longer need validation

I no longer concern myself with labels!

I am not an Animal.

Cages can not in prison Me!

There has been a shift.

It had been coming and I couldn’t call it.

A shift In thinking, feeling and emotion.

39.5 years existing.

No one knows Me better than Me!
© KLove 2016

All Rights Reserved 


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