Gold Dust

I’m so not a selfie person! 🙈 find it all a bit self indulgent (no judgement)I’m not even a picture person🙈

However today I had just finished my usual Saturday marathon 3 hour training session and as I was in front of the mirror I was remind of something that I had written (it’s in book 3Free😉) called Mirror Mirror!
As I was looking I thought:
Today I see Me

39 on the closer side to 40

Today I see Me

Doing this thing 1 up and I’m not doing too badly

Today I see Me

Still strong and and soft but strong in my strength that is Me

Today I see Me

And like when I was looking back then

Today I don’t mind what I see

39 and still make up Free! Naturally Me!

Today I see Me

And I see and appreciate all of my Melanin coursing over and underneath  my nearly 40 year old skin! 

Today I SEE ME

And I realise that my Husband is really ramping! He needs to show up effective immediately! My Gold dust will be lining each of these here streets, he just needs to look closely! And follow the prints of my new Jordan Nikee’s!

Today I SEE ME!

23 July 2016
© KLove 2016

All Rights Reserved


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