Finally, differently, specially, uniquely!

Maybe He wasn’t meant to be in Love with Me and I wasn’t meant to be in love with He!

Maybe it was meant to be to be enough that He loved/Loves Me and I Loved/Loved He differently/ specially/ uniquely!

Maybe that was always and only what it was meant to be.


We speak

Actually speak

And listen

And hear,

No interruptions

No searching for hidden meaning. Forward speaking, freely, free from memories.


I feel able to release He from memories.

Maybe I needed to hear He say that He loved me, and maybe all that I needed was to be able to tell He that likewise I loved He! Differently, specially, uniquely!


We can be what was originally, simply, meant to be!

To each other 

Differently, specially, uniquely!
© KLove 2016

All Rights Reserved


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