Here It Is!

So here it is!The 3rd book that I swore that I would not write🙈
I’m not one for really talking about what I do or am doing as I don’t do it for any accolades. I just get on with it. 

Hopefully this is a nice surprise for those of you who have been asking and kept asking and then asked again for this book!
It has been the hardest to put together and honestly the most laborious to get out into the universe, but it is now here and it is always for you!!
Massive THANK YOU’s to my people!




For all of your help and support and encouragement and for speaking

 “You can’t give up” into me!

And I don’t just mean re the book!

I Love you all more than Trainers!!

Mr Jason Bondstylze – THANK YOU! 

For the images, for the body but mainly for you! You are a blessing! I Love you!
To my female model who would rather remain nameless, Big Love!
Thank you to Mr Leon Poulton and my super fantastic cousin Mr Darren Solomon for coming in at be end and saving the day!

You didn’t know it but you both truly pushed me over that last hurdle.

Thank you to everyone who purchases book, who attends talks and who supports the KLoveism movement!
Available for purchase on:

Amazon, Create Space and as of Friday this week.
Available for purchase on Kindle as of Monday 14 March.
Further outlets to follow.

Love and more Light my sweeties.





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