It happens when no one is looking!

I normally post to inspire Love and Like and Self Love and Self Like into others.Today I am posting for myself because I need it today.

It often feels as though the tests are constant and they are most usually voluminous.

I do my best to keep keeping on and to push past myself because I am me and therefore know the ramifications of one slip, of one minute to long spent with past habits.

I have had this uneasy feeling for the past few weeks, but have been unable to call it.

Each weeks it has got worse, this week it has manifest physically.

Generally no one knows, because no one asks, because they are used to be doing them and others, so it’s not s thought that I might be, well I might be breaking!

I am human and woman and empath and Pisces and Love, so often the convenient oblivious of others ( re me) often confuses me!

But generally I’m ok with it, generally me is all that I need. There are 3 versions, 3 elements, between us, we can usually manage. And can even the side movements of those that are meant to care but don’t seem to remember it!
There are always signs.

I always no when it is coming.

I normally armour up.

Today I don’t feel ready.

I don’t want to fight.

I don’t have the energy.

Because I am human and woman and empath and Pisces and Love, so I just want to retreat!
© KLove 2015

All Rights Reserved



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