How About That!

I will not apologise for being aware of my crown & as such setting boundaries and expectations according to the value that it bequeaths!

 I have no time & even less regard for bullshit! So I will not allow you to deprciate its value merely because you are used to fake jewels; because you are easily & readily seduced by substandard crowns, worn by non Queens who bear zero self knowledge & who promote their fronts as their theme tune! All Quint and no Queen, Pussy and no Princess, lacking several amounts of common sense & moreover self awareness.

Good luck with that…..with them; I have no need to partake in any pum pum contest! Besides…and I say this with as much meaning as confidence, the I dem could Neva Tess! To my crown their is no resemblance or likeness. There is no equal, there is no match to it’s profound uniqueness.

You are used to not having to attach worth or importance, because you make small & easy choices! Choosing to chase that which on account of its severe over use, is now run down, lacking in quality and confused, on account of the interactions that has been had with countless you’s, on account of the mental & emotional abuse suffered at the  hands of countless you’s!


I will not be Punked! 

You and your behaviour can not/ will not render my crown defunct!
© KLove 2015

All Rights Reserved


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