If there were a Rhyme this would be the Reason

I write because if I did not write out that which I want to hold in, I would go insane.

I write because (I believe) that my thoughts & words & my being are deemed as complex, are misunderstood- I don’t want to explain- I do not see why I should explain, so I just confide in my paper with the assistance of my pen.

I write because often I feel isolated & unsure & judged & invisible & not enough- when I write I take form on my pages. I am visible, I am free, uncaged.

I write because it is how I know to best deal, to make sense of the constant foolery/fuckery- the need to write is a natural & as necessary as breathing to me.

I write because on paper dreams become real, my imagination can run a muck, and as such HE can, will, does, Love me… HE is present & real, I am and can be more than the I that makes me singular, I can make manifest more than just lonely me.

I write because if I were to truly say all that I feel, they would likely commit me- labelled as damaged goods- they would be unable to process the Laws of my Realm!

I write because in doing  so I have complete control- it’s just my thoughts, emotions, pen & ME- and that is just how I like it to be!

I write!

© KLove 2015
All Rights Reserved


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