Happy Blog Day

Another year has passed!

Today is another Blog Bornday!

Which also means that it is His (Him) Bornday today.

I never forget. I suppose I can never forget now.

I have been thinking about Him a lot lately. Hopefully he has found Peace and Love and Light, and Happy. I truly wish these things for him.

Another year has passed!

As always it has been voluminous and full of things and change. As always I am amazed that I made it! Several times I have contemplated the pills and the potions and/or the Milk Carton thing. As always everyday has been a test of who can/will survive, of who is really the fittest of the K’s that =Me!

Another year has passed!

But this time an important part of my calculation has been subtracted and now I am consistently unsure of the accurate approximation of Me. K+K+K – Mary- the dad- the birth mother x Anxiety / the darkness creeping back in =

 an Anger that I don’t recognise or like but that has taken over me( passively)

Another year has passed!

There has been much Evolving!

There is more to come I think.

© KLove 2015

All Rights Reserved




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