K’s Words; The Meanings

Love–   The ultimate energy; You; Me; Everything

KLove– Pronounced K Love, but written as KLove because I am Love and Love is me! Love can not be separated from Me!
KLoveism– Confirmation and recognition that it is infact OK to Not Be OK
Him–  The one that was, The one who still in someway is, The one who will in my heart always live; The one who gave me so many words and therefore good or bad, I thank and Love Him

He–  Not Him, The one whom I thought could be (Him) (in respect of a few pieces), The one whom I subconsciously seek and consciously attempt to karmicly attract ( because for the most part He lives in my head, thoughts and dreams, We are destined, but yet to meet), The one who will fit between my WO…ME, My King, The one who has been on my mind & in my dreams more frequently so it is likely that He will be written all over/ has been written all over/ maybe written all over book 3 (if there were/is one that is!šŸ˜‰ )

Soulmate–  See He above
(K)Queen-  Me, You, Us, We, Black Women
Black Woman-  (K)Queen, Royalty, Empress, The Standard, the definition of Beauty
Black Girl-  See Black Woman above; all of the above in training 
Black Man-  King, Everything, Royalty, Protector, Leader, The Standard
Black Boy-  See Black Man above; all of the above in training
Peace-  I am not sure. I haven’t found it yet. I am still searching for it’s true meaning.
Celibacy– My choice, My gift to my He, A lot of sexy and imaginative dreams
Intimacy–  A knowing between me and Him, and eventually He, Non Physical Sex, Shared words of Love, Secret Glances, Touch, Kisses, Skin on Skin, Exchange of Knowledge
Mellifluous–  A sweetness/beauty of voice, A voice that sounds like Love
Wtf–  What the Fuck
Bredrins–  Good Friends
Linking–  Meeting
Happiness–  I don’t know. I am still searching for it’s true meaning
KMT–  Jamaican saying and action; Kiss My Teeth ( Teeth often pronounced Teet)
KMRCT–  Jamaican saying and action and profanity; Kiss My Raassclaat Teeth ( Teeth often pronounced Teet)
Kissing MPCT- see KMT/KMRCT above; P is another Jamaican saying/profanity; Pussyclaat
The BGWTC (Such as life- book 1)-  The Bad Guy With The Chain: The original original Him’s pet name 
Anorexia-  My ex best no good for friend, The conflict, The daily challenge and stand off, The strength builder and reminder, The one who I have learnt to silence on a daily basis despite her continually trying and fucking with me, The one who reminds me of my Innate strength, The one who will always be defated.
Pussy (U Say: book 1) –  Idiot, Coward, Not Him, 
FFS –    For Fuck Sake
BS –      Bullshit
Ugly Duckling-  Me, How I often feel, The feeling that rejection makes manifest in me
K-ism (Random Thoughts: book 1) –  A KLove saying
Very (Random Thoughts: book 1) –    Unexplainable feeling that feels like a lot
Amorous –  Deep desire, longing for touch/physical and sexual contact with the one that I Love
Unu (Little Black Girl I Love You: book 2) –  Jamaican word; All of you, You Lot
Bunnin (Little Black Boy I Love You Too: book 2) –  Smoking 
Grades –   Marijuana
Loneliness –  My companion, My safe place, My enemy
Balance-  What I seek, What is needed, A necessary state of mind and being

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