Love Rain Down on Me

It was the middle of the day. 

But it was a dark grey day, and the rain was falling heavy and thick and fast. The melody of the drops hitting the window made feel warm. He rolls over when the 1st bang of thunder bellowed. His eyes opened as the lightening lightened the room. He knows that as much as I love the stillness and the sound of the rain, I am petrified of thunder and lightening. He just stares at me initially. He is waking himself up. He pulls me into him, using only one hand. His skin is hot and clammy, but soft and velvet love against mine. He pulls the duvet over my head, over our heads. He places my head on his bare chest. Now all that I can hear is his heart beat he says. He holds me so tight, with such an intent and his legs are entwined with mine. I can still hear the thunder but only slightly now. As I lay with him I am no longer scared if it’s sounds. I focus on the music in his heart and the sounds of the gushing rain. In this moment these sounds are the sounds of love. They represent what our love sounds like. I raise my head and look into his eyes. He is tired, I can see the fatigue deep within them. I kiss each one and then kiss his lips. He tastes like the peace that I am feeling. I want to make love to him now. I can feel his growth so I know that tired or not, he has the same thinking. As I raise up he runs his mouth over my naked skin. I can still hear the rain, heavier now, as is our breathing. He places one erect nipple between his lips. I feel the power surge just as there is a loud moan of thunder and as the lightening does its follow up thing. He is kissing me all over now and I am kissing on him. We are marking our territories. I can feel the produce of the intense feelings dripping beneath me. The lightening screams again. Even under the duvet and in the throws of these feelings the intensity of it slices through our love scene. He is so passionate and loving and gentle with me. He kisses me softly as he slides in and out and around me. ” concentrate on this ” he says softly.” The thunder will soon cease- don’t be scared, hold onto me” . I listen to him. I feel him fully within me as I release, as I given into the enormity of the feeling and as I gush out heavy like rain water onto him.

It is still raining, heavily, but I feel so peaceful and so in love with him.
© KLove 2015


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