(Nov 14)
I’m in the kitchen. Wearing my vest and panties and heels, whilst he is in the living room.

His mellanated sexiness just fills the room.

His Kingly aura bounces off of every wall and ceiling.

His light is efforvesent!

He looks so strong, sitting his Kingdom.

Incense and candles burning.

He is reading aloud to me. 

Educating me his (K)Queen.

The light of the candle flickers and as it does, it interacts with the glow of his bare, majestic, beautiful, black body!

He prefers not to wear clothes in the house. 

Like me he is most comfortable in just his own skin.

In his Kingdom, he can be Free.

He is reading.

Reading aloud to me whilst I prepare our meal. He likes when I do this wearing the bare minimum, and heels. He likes to observe that which will fulfil the craving of his sweet tooth.

Dwele plays softly underneath him.

So that I am being recited to simultaneously by two Kings.

When his meal is over, I know how our evening will story will end!

He will work words and metaphors and similes and poetry and song lyrics, into me his (K)Queen, with his Dic(k)tion!

On some Love Jones, Renaissance Man type ish!

“Babe, are you listening to me” ? he says, ” you look distracted ”

I smile at him knowingly.

Although, he has no idea what I know, or where my mind has just taken me.

“Yes, I am listening beautiful ” I say, “keep on reading, it is nearly time to eat”.
© KLove 2015


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