Treasure Hunt

One mans trash is another mans treasure, that’s what they say.

Apparently, I have been deemed as this, trashed by a few.

Discarded, binned, rejected, rubbish, no longer fit for consumption or use! In their not so humble opinion.

Given that ” I know me” , I know enough to know that their opinion is flawed. Unsupported, not factual.

On this very same opinion, in the coming days, weeks, or years even; question will call.  Maturity in the form of Regret will challenge the decision to scrap heap me.

No ego, no fiction, tested fact one can neither rubbish nor refute.

One mans trash, will be another’s treasure.

Only a true connosouir, a fine art collector, an appreciator of vintage value and beauty will recognise this.

Only He, will have the knowledge and skill required to pursue and eventually claim rightful ownership of the treasure that is Me! 

The hidden and tainted yet soul untainted treasure that the ammature; on account of a poor eye, and a lack of viable experience or knowledge failed to acuratley see or attach to.

One mans trash is another mans treasure.


That treasure will be Me!

The treasure hunter is no fool see!

My value will be apparent as soon as he lays eyes on me!

© KLove 2015


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