Some Q&A’s

Q What made you decide to publish?
A- I try my best to be about what I preach or speak on.  I preach and speak on “Writing as Therapy” because I whole heartedly believe in it. I want to encourage. I have been through a lot of dark times and have often felt very alone and isolated. I have felt alone in my feelings, thoughts and experiences. Hopefully what I have put out in both books will inspire, encourage, speak to, and help others to realise that they are not alone, that they are not mad, that others go through the same things, that they can push past themselves to save themselvesand that they will be ok.

Q- Are you worried that you will be judged/ you will be seen as few pennies short of a pound?

A- YES!  And more so with book 2. But I am trying to be more F…k, it, this is me, about things. I am hoping that instead of judgement there will be identification, understanding and self reflectionI hope that those who read my books and who know me personally, will attain a greater insight into and understanding of me and themselves.

QWhy is KLove not spelt K Love/K-Love/K. Love?

A– Because any attempt to separate the Love from the 3 K’s that = ME can not succeed. K-Love reads K MINUS Love and I have never met her, I don’t know her, she isn’t me!

My name is KLOVE, pronounced K Love, but written as KLove because I am Love and Love is me! Love can not be separated from Me!

QWhy is Lets Talk about Love (and Pain) not spelt Let’s Talk about Love (and Pain)? Was that intentional?

A– Yes it was intentional. There are others books with the name and the Let’s is spelt in the way that we are told it should be. I simply didn’t like the visual look of the word on my book so I spelt it without the ‘. I am not a Poet, I am me, I am Free, no rules, no conditions, I am doing this and will continue to do things in my own K Stylee.

QWhy the subtitle WOmanME?

A– You should have come to a book talk!  

Because: I am Woman and the book is in the main about me: WO…ME.

Because I am of Man as well as Woman and I believe that Man lies at the heart the centre of every Woman: WOman, man + Me, WO + man= ME, W + E = WE

QIs it you on the cover of book 2?

A– You really should have come to a book talk!

Yes/ No/could be. It’s a mystery! Lol

© KLove 2015
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