I wanted to break the chains! I wanted to be Free!


“I want to break the chains

I want to be free”
Those were the words that Faith Evans sang on this year’s Black Girls Rock.
Those were the words that caused the hair on my arms to rise.
Those were the words that started that tears that have been reluctant and stubborn, to fall and to continue falling so that I wept.
I watch BGR every year and every year I am in awe and inspired to feel better, to be better, to do better and every year and am left with an Overstanding and knowledge that my essence, my colour, my heritage, my ability to surpass hurdles, and pain and rejection is innate! My strength is standard because of the Black Girls that I came from and those that continue to walk with me.( RIEP MY BEAUTIFUL MARY)
Watching last nights show, I was affected differently. I was hit with an enormity of emotion and feeling that I did not quite understand initially!
So many things were said that resonated with me, but more poignant was the fact that so many of the words, terms, ideas and ethos’s that I use, subscribe to, and preach were thrown around on the stage by magnificent souls such as Ms Cicely and the First Lady. 
And now it hits me. Why I was so affected. I was reminded (intentionally because the Universe has got me!)  why I started this! I was reminded how much bigger than me that this thing that I started actually is. 
I wanted to break the chains 
I wanted to be FREE!!!!
I started this with the sole purpose of achieving this and not just for me, but for all of my Black Girls who Rock it out with me! 
The last many months have been difficult and as such I have allowed self doubt, uncertainty, grief, rejection, the non participation of others and a host of other things to adversely affect me. To make me Tortoise. To jade my thinking. But despite these things and despite me, I have not ever stopped totally. Because somewhere deep within, is the undeniable knowledge that these things, that fear, cannot define Me! And so, I have still been here to spread and with meaning, KLOVEISM.  
And this afternoon I realise that this is because my strength is innate. I am a BLACK GIRL THAT ROCKS!  So I cannot help but to keep things moving.
I will break the chains
I will be Free
And I am taking all of my Black Girls that are Rocking, that will Rock, that can Rock and that have just forgotten how to Rock, with me!
© KLove 2015

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