I dreamt our wedding again last night.

I now also have 3 dresses in mind.

The only thing missing is you.

I am just waiting on you to materialise.

Whilst I still hope that you will run away with me- that it will be just us two when we exchange our lives, this dream is of the happy ever after, the part that happens when come back, because, although I would rather save our money for our new house and together beginning, you being you, will worry about your family missing out and not being a part of our unison.

It was a beautiful dream. Being the us that we are, the day was just perfect. A day about love and us and family, so relaxed!

We did our 1st dance outside, on the front of the estate grounds. It started with “just the way you are” , slow and close. But then We skanked it out to numerous of our favourite songs that you had put onto our 1st dance mix tape. Me with my train hitched up with one hand, we skanked and hugged and laughed and rocked and swayed, champagne glass in my other hand and you with your Covosier bottle held high!

Two best friends, celebrating our new life!

We danced so close and so freely with the sun shining down on our faces, reflecting our beams, our love and lust off of our backs!

We looked so happy.

I can’t wait to go back to sleep so that we can do it again!
© KLove 2015


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