Cousin says

And she said

“Omg, you two would be perfect together, I can’t believe that before now I didn’t think of it” . ” He is like now the other one should have been, how we thought he would have been, who he could have been with you!”

She said

“Yeah he is a little damaged but it’s nothing that cannot be fixes, nothing that K’s Love cannot heal. You would be just perfect for eachother, he has no kids and he is into our people and empowerment and unity and fashion and he is different and he isn’t a product if our environment even though he has come from it! And he is educated- well he is educating-he is at uni bettering himself, you would be perfect you two!” 

She said

She repeats,” he has no kids, and I know that you say that you won’t have any, but you never know what the right man can do!”

She said

” you would be just perfect together- although I’m not  trying to set you up- honestly- it is not on my immediate list of things to do. But, (she said) I have told him about you, and the things that you do and represent, and that you are like him, sing,e and childless too! But I am not trying to set you up!

She said

At some point i interjected and I said

” you have overlooked something haven’t you? Men do not find me attractive, didn’t the last one prove this to you? He will think that I am ugly and I would rather not repeat this kind of to do!

I said 

( but in my head, because she wouldn’t understand this my view! Or that I have peace with the fact that celibacy and singular are with me forever now- rejection is no longer something that I will open myself up to. She would not understand that I need to store my strength so that I  can continue to empower and encourage and speak love and beauty into all those who need it more than I do!)

He sounds perfect, ( I said from my mouth)

I said

But then, on paper, they generally do!

© KLove 2015


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