Subliminal Freestyling

These bubbles

These bubbles

I like them occasionally -but these bubbles & me do not agree

I am here celebrating- insular, introverting stylee

Just me and these bubbles celebrating 38, a number that I nearly, narrowly, missed!

I wasn’t feeling being, doing, feeling anything, anyone , anymore!

I was a thumb and a forefinger close to my idea of free

But here I am, me & the bubbles, having a lone party


Now they have got me feeling nice, dancing, dropping cd’s…and hotness.. A tun up an ova! Wat a ting!

Right now I am feeling everything

I am feeling Me!

Not literally

Another glass and literally may just shut down the whole ting!

Have me Freestyling and over whyning to my own beat!

Literally may just rub up on and against this soft coconut oiled skin that he’s touch has been overlooking- has had not had the good sense to seek! Skin so soft and pure, so K-Loveleeeeeee!

Literally may just (and with the help of the bubbles)  remind me that 5 years is a long time not to be touched…In that way… To get the feeling… And so, today may be a good day to stretch out and/or flex this 5 year tightness!

Lawd a mercy!

These bubbles and me do not agree!

© KLove 2015


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