Music Table

He wants me to read to him but I’m too shy.

He says that he has music for my words, that he has music for my words, that he can put his music behind my words!

I am too shy , but I am more curious.

I want to hear it, I want to know, to hear, feel what our conjunction will sound like!

I am curious as to what sound our linear noises will make!

He places me onto his lap.

We are sitting at his Music Table.

As he presses a button with just one hand, he opens my page with another.

My pages are now wide and flat – sprawled open.

He can see into them- deeply- As he leans into the nape of my neck!

“Read” he says softly.

Like the Pages, he has single handedly opened me.

As his beats play, as they form a melody, I read that which I had initially been to shy to release!

I dictate the passion and amourosity that my loins have before now beseeched me to speak!

All the while he is holding onto me.

All the while I can feel his forehead on the nape of my neck and I can feel his longing and desire making a melody every time that a breath is released!

Whilst I am reading, the silence is dead with tinges of electricity, and as I turn around, and he is now facing me, I catch the 1st tear with my pen, just as it rushes out of him and towards me!

You see….

He never anticipated, never knew that my words would speak of my Love for Him!

Held captive all of this time- but now so loud and alive and free!

He never imagined that this could be.

I heard all of this in the beat of each singular tear that he let out to seek solace in Me!

With his music combined with me, there is now no denying that this Union, this conjunction is meant to be!

It can no longer be denied that this is our time!

My words plus his Music, are destined to be the soundtrack of We!

© KLove 2015


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