What she said


What she said

“Every piece of you/me is a work of art, A Master Piece”

So middle finger ….. No actually… Dash a Fire pon anyone who can’t see it.

On anyone who, with their judegement &/or words or actions or non actions, their simplicity, or their fuckery distracts you from this belief!

On anyone who impairs your vision and as such blinds you, distracts you from your rightful  attachment to it.

You, Me, We! Are Everything that we were designed, intended, built to be!

Every line in the face, every stretch in the skin, every deemed flaw, every kink, Everything about Us is just as intended!

So I will not subtract my position, I will not renage the corner, from which I speak!

I will continually and until it sinks into to the you that is Me, verbalise that it is not You or Me, it is Them!

They are not yet equipped to process all of our Magnificent & Mesmorising, far too Fabulous to even verbalise uniqueness- and they may never be- sadly.

What she said


What she said

Everything about You/ Me is a work of art, “A Master Piece”

Remember what I said Black Woman!

I Love Thee!

© KLove 2015


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