It has been a while!

It has been a while since I have been on here.
It has been a difficult time. A time of much change yet many things haven’t changed. A time of immense confusion, yet clarity in so many areas. A time of great pain, yet peace has been made with many thoughts and feelings.

When I began this blog, I knew that I wanted it yo be a place where I could be fee. Like my books that I wrote in. Where I would write out my most personal thoughts and feelings as therapy, so as to encourage others feeling any similar pain or confusion.

One of the last posts I wrote was called Pills and Potions. This was how I was feeling the time. I took it down because a friend contacted me and and said that it had upset them to read it. I took it down and have not posted since.

I then got to a place where I decided that I wouldn’t post again at all, I wouldn’t publish any more books even.

Lately I have been shown and told and have had to accept that this thing that I started is now bigger than me! It serves a purpose that is bigger than me.

So here I am, writing this post.

It is likely that I will not post frequently, but when I post it WILLL always be as I had intended. From my heart, what I am feeling, that which I need to release. If any friend or family member finds this uncomfortable I ask that you please unfollow this blog. I will not justify my thoughts or feelings as this defeats the purpose of writing as therapy.

In order to continue I have to be free. No judgement.

I started this to help others heal and know that it’s ok not to be ok.

When I wrote Pills and Potions, that is where I was at the time mentally. I know that a lot of others have felt this way also.

This blog will alway be a place for release, a no judgement zone, free spirit, free energy, no invisibility, KLOVE stylee!

I will at some point repost Pills and Potions. Despite his I felt when it was written, despite how I am feeling today on the eve of another Born Day where I will wake up with just me! And knowing that there will be no phone call from MY BEAUTIFUL MARY! I am still here. Still doing. Still being.

So if there is someone reading this who is in that space, who has been in that space, please know that it is ok to not be ok! It is hard, it feels long and continuous and hard to manage and navigate, and the emotions are constant and consistent, so just continue to do the best that you can, however you can. If I can keep going. You can keep going to.

Big Love

© KLove 2015


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