Why are you single?

I am always asked the question.
It has taken me this long to find the answer, but I think that I finally know what it is.

I know Me!

I may stumble at times, but it recognise the value attached to me!
I know what to his table I bring!

I speak Me honestly, and I do so always, despite length of time or knowing.

I know what and who I want and where I am heading.

I know what from him, I need.

I expect nothing less than the best because of it I am deserved and worthy!
I expect, and without condition, respect and monogamy!

I speak of a future, a foundation to be built together. Us two, WE!, if that is how I feel about you, I will do so, despite length of time or knowing, because I understand connection, time cannot define what is meant, what is real.

This is what is wrong with me, why I am single!

Because I am able to speak what I feel. No games, no lies, no tactics, just Me.
Because I am old school and so I speak on values and traditions, morals, because I will tell you that I am not that girl! I am not a girl infact, I am a woman! And as such, I am not into F…kin for Free!
If not for Love, Titles, Surnames, my legs shall remain firmly closed!
I am good with celibacy!

I do not conform to the status quo. I keep it Me!

This is what is wrong with me, why I am single!

I know Me, who I am, what I am worth, and that is the Sun, Moon, Stars, reciprocation, his everything!

Because I am Me!

© KLove 2014


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