It must be his music.
It must be his music that has this nonsensical hold over me.
It must be!
Words and Music, in that order, are my things. So this has to be it.
He has words, not all are are sincere unfortunately.
He has much more music however, and it played to me.
Unable to tune out now. He made me hear it, yet unfortunately, his music was not meant for me.

I heard his music, infact I still hear it. I heard his music, but unfortunately, his music is contrary to who and where he actually is.
I believed that his music was playing just for me. This is what I wanted to believe. Unfortunately his music is for everybody.

I had believed that this one particular song , the Love song, was for me only. That he was playing it just for me. I had erroneously placed it in my private collection. Unfortunately, I was unaware that he still wanted to share it.

His music was/is for everybody. I wanted it exclusively.

His music was/is for everybody.

Unfortunately, try as I might to block it out, I can still hear it!

© KLove 2014


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