My Beautiful Mary!

On the 19th July a Beautiful Spirit transcended. My Beautiful Grandmother Mary.
She was/is so Beautiful and powerful and she always spoke power into me.

Your Spirit, your Love, your Words, will forever live within me.
Even in your passing, Yet Still you shine, You continue to rise.
Not even death can hold you captive; your spirit will forever roam freely.
Phenomenal Woman, I know that it is because of you and your words and the woman that you were, the Love and the Light that you were, that I am the Love and the Woman that I have come to be.

It is because of your courage, strength, determination and feistiness in the numerous faces of adversity, that I Overstand the importance of speaking me, and doing so as a means to heal!

Phenomenal Woman,
You Lived and Loved phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman, you will always be my bench mark, my definition of Peace, of Love, of Power, of Black Woman strength and Beauty! I have not yet allowed myself to engage with how I will continue without you, in the knowledge that you are no longer within reach, with the knowledge that your cheeky face I will no longer see.
We should have had way more time than this My Beautiful Mary!
You didn’t get to see me make it to Happy!

Phenomenal Woman,
You leave a legacy in me. You taught me so much and so well. I am you and you are me. I will speak your words and your name with pride until we next meet!

Phenomenal Woman,
Yet still you shine,
And as you do so, your colour and your soul shine so brightly. Your Magnificence lives on in the numerous souls that it has touched. It lives on endlessly.

Phenomenal Woman,
It is because of you that I have ability and words to speak.
It is because of you that in my darkest hours, I did not give in. You would not let me.
I can still hear your voice on the phone, demanding that I come round for likkle Ackee at least!

Phenomenal Woman,
It is because of your strength, resilience, determination, and power that I stand strong, head held high, hand on hip, owning my Magnificent Black Beauty!

Phenomenal Woman,
We should have had more time!
I am not prepared for this!
We should have had more time!
My heart is breaking!

Phenomenal Woman,
You have earned this rest. You deserve to Rest In Peace. You deserved so much more when you were living. As much as it hurts me to lose you, I take solace in knowing that your soul is now at ease, that you have finally got back your beloved Waynee.
No more pain, no more sadness, no more hardship, no more worrying, no more looking out for, looking over, looking after, you will now have that peace that during your lifetime you continued to seek.

Phenomenal Woman,
Today as you are laid to rest, I feel as though I have lost a part of me!
My heart is so very heavy because we were always a dynamic duo, Chicken George and Mary.
I am trying my best not to feel sadness, because I know that you are now truly free!

Phenomenal Woman,
Without you, there would be no me, no us, no we! Without you, I could not have achieved any of these things that people see.

Phenomenal Woman,
My Beautiful Grandmother Mary
Thank you for Everything, for being my Everything, my Person, my Example, my Safe Place, my Best Memories.
Thank you for always protecting me.

Phenomenal Woman,
My Beautiful Grandmother Mary
My heart is truly breaking, but I will hold onto our special moments and I will always have your wisdom and sayings to guide me.
I will miss our Sunday dinners and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) watching Songs of Praise on your near picture less TV.

Phenomenal Woman,

My Beautiful Grandmother Mary!

Yet still You Shine!

You fought to the bitter end!

I Love You More Than More Than!


(c) KLove 2014


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