Work Boots

No talking! I want to F..k
My words shocked him. He was silent. He had only just walked through the door, and there I was , on the stairs, nothing at all on, except the new white heels and oil.
No talking! I want to F..k, I repeated.
Now standing below the step and below, but directly in front of him.
He still doesn’t speak.
Just staring intensely at me. With that fire that I love, in his eyes.
He is deliberating. He is is deliberating how he will do what he is now feeling to me.
His bag drops and before it even hits the floor, he picks me up, swings me around and pushes me forcefully, heavily, and angrily against the only part closed front door!
The door is cold!
He still has not uttered a word.
He is still just starting intensely, but now through me.
I jump up and wrap my shiny golden legs around him as he catches me.
I kiss him. Urgent/hungrily.
I feel my naked breasts ripen at his touch. They swell as he sqeezes.
He looks up.
Still mute, still nothing said, still just staring into me.
Only the sound of our heavy breathing, during a minute reprieve.
Heavy breathing, hmmmm-ing sounds of excitement, exhilaration, expectance and craving.
It’s just a short pause, before he takes me by surprise and flips me around. Quickly!
I feel the head rush as he places all of his weight behind me, and although I weigh nearly nothing compared to him , it looks laborious as he lays me on the staircase.
The metal casing on the step is hard and cold beneath me. Yet all I feel is wanting, and excited.
I want to f..k. I repeat, as he stands over me.
He doesn’t remove his clothes. Just pulls down his trousers and under pieces.
He is still wearing his work boots.
In this moment , why am I noticing this!
I take a deep breath, bracing myself for what is coming.
This penetration will be deep!
Today, right now, at this minute, his deep thrust is exactly what I want and need! I want to feel it!
When we are done, I lay there, on the steps, that are cold and hard, unable to move. I can barely see.
He looks at me.
Now he is he smiling.
Now he speaks.
He says ” hello, how are you, how was your day, I’m hungry, what’s for dinner, you made me work, now I need to eat!
We laugh and he picks me up. Easily.
He begins to carry me upstairs, and I know that we are about to get Into round two and three, I can feel his appetite, and in this moment it is insatiable, but it not yet time for food. He will feast on me.
I stop him in his tracks.
He looks at me confused as I say, ” where do you think your going in those boots! Take them off please.
© KLove 2014


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