Happy Blog Day

How time flies!
I am always joking that the years are now passing as minutes, and here we are, the 12th June 2014, one whole year, at this time of day, since I started this blog.

Looking back at my 1st entry it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

So much has happened and changed, yet so much has and is still the same!

I started this blog because I was flirting with the idea of publishing some of my writing and I was petrified as to how it would be received because it is all me. All of my experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, madness, quirks! All me.

I have always felt that people don’t really get me. I am admittedly layered and complex.
I have always associated this with a negative, so I was sure that my writing would be judged negatively.

I have been truly amazed and humbled at the response to my blog posts and the beautiful, kind and supportive messages, words and comments that I have been blessed to receive.

Had it not been for you all and your K..Love I would not be able to say today that I published my book, that book 2 is on its way, that KLove book talks have occurred and that KLoveism Lets Talk About it sessions and Writing as Therapy sessions are soon to commence!
I am sooooooo excited!

Starting this blog has manifest into something so much bigger than I ever imagined or processed when I started. This blog instigated a whole new journey and a whole new chapter in the Evolution of Me! It has allowed me to step out from behind myself in order to fulfil what I now know to be my purpose, which is to step in front of, aside, behind and all around others who have been where I have been and who feel how I have often felt.

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported me this last year! It has been emotional and the journey continues!

Special thanks to Ms HB and to Ms NM- I wouldn’t have done this if not for your Angelic whispers.

Big and Always Love!

Re Him.
It’s a tad Ground Hog Day esq!
Its pretty much the same as when I 1st wrote on this day last year, mixed feelings, thoughts, still sprinting across and around my mind. However not as viciously or as strong.

I still Love and miss him. Part of me always will, however it feels different, less, far less consuming. The Love has Evolved in line with me.

I am still sending him Love and positive vibrations today, his Born Day. I know enough to know that wherever he is, he will feel it. He will be smiling.

When I see him again, (I say when as I am confident that our paths will cross again,) I will tell him that I owe him much! Because Goor or Bad, he gave me Many of the words that I have smeared across these pages! He filled me with a Love to write about!

I will tell him that I am eternally grateful! X

© KLove 2014


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