Melodic Whispers

I woke up this morning and I do not know if it was a dream or whether it was his spirit, but I felt my Husband kiss the nape of my neck……softly.
His lips felt warm and soft like sweet creamy gold marshmallow!
I don’t know whether it was a dream or whether it was really him, but I am sure that he whispered these words into me;
“I Love you baby, don’t give up on me. I know I have been gone too long but I am fixing me so that I am strong enough to be the King that you believe me to be. I am coming, just wait for me, baby don’t give up on me, I Love you”

When my eyes opened, I was alone, and Now I miss He even more than I did just last night. Than I have done recently.

I didn’t see his face, I didn’t recognise his voice, as it was such a melodic whisper, yet I recognised his touch. I am sure that I have felt it before. I am sure that this was not the 1st time that He has laid his hands on me.

I missed He all day today. Even more that I did when I opened my eyes. Now I am having trouble focusing on anything other than He!

They say life is full of signs. If this is true, his manifestation must be a sign that he is near, that he is close, that this ” just me and my loneliness” is coming to an end, is near its demise.

I’m not a Muslim, but to this thought I put an Insha’Allah. And an “from my pen to the Most Highs Ears!

My next words may be an indication of madness, however I must regardless speak them.

© KLove 2014

As I lay down to sleep tonight, as I turn over to sleep, I pray that whether I feel It or not, He holds and lays He’s marshmallow kisses all over me!


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