Yet still You Rise!

It has been a while!
Too long I know.
But life sometimes takes a hold in away that is Sumo like, and try as I might I find myself unable to escape its clutches.

The words and the feelings and the emotion are always within me, however sometimes life holds them down.

Today a beautiful spirit has transcended. It has taken this for me to re engage with the power that she spoke into me!

I could not let today pass without using the gift that she passed onto me speak her name.

Dr Maya Angelou!
Phenomenal Woman!
Your spirit, your Love, your Words, will forever live within me.
Even in your passing Yet Still You Rise!
Not even death can hold you captive, You spirit will forever roam freely!
Phenomenal woman, I know that it is because of your words that KLove came to be. Because of your courage and feistiness that I Overstand the importance of speaking me, and doing so as a means to heal!
Phenomenal woman! You were whispering words and Love and Light and Ability, into me, before I even knew who I was destined to be!
At school they taught me Shakespeare and Chaucer, they told me that this was poetry, But it was your words, your kind of words, that allowed me to fall in Love with this Genre, because you wrote, and sounded and spoke ME!

Phenomenal woman,
You Lived and Loved phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman, you are my definition of Peace, of Love, of Power, of Black Woman strength and Beauty!

Phenomenal woman,
You leave a legacy that I am proud to say includes me. Because you taught me that as a Black Woman, I am you and you are me! We are family.

Phenomenal woman,
Yet still you rise!
And as you do so, your colour and your soul will shine brightly. It’s magnificent so forceful because it lives on in the numerous souls that it has touched. It lives on endlessly.

Phenomenal woman,
It is because of you that KLove has words to speak.
It is because of you that KLove knows how to express these words that run across these pages, it is because of you that KLove although not a poet, writes poetry.

Phenomenal woman,
It is because of your words and courage, resilience, determination, power and strength that us that come behind you rock out without fear, that we stand strong, heads held high, hand on hip, owning our Magnificent Black Beauty!

Phenomenal woman,
I feel no need for any RIP,
I have no doubt that this is what is ahead of you, because in peace, for peace, is how you lived!

Phenomenal woman,
Today I feel as though I am losing a part of me!
But I do not feel sadness, because I know that you are now truly free!

Phenomenal woman,
Without you, there would be no me, no us, no we!

Phenomenal woman,

© KLove 2014


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