Love is the word of the day. (Day Dreaming)

He said that he knew it from the 1st day we met.
So did I.
He said that loving me is “over easy”, and that he has succumb to my invasion.
Within me his words ignite such an intense desire!
I want to show him with actions and non words just how much.
I want to start this Loveathon in the kitchen because as I stand there listening to his words, surrounded by cooking heat, another type of heat is burning between my legs!
He can see what I feel, so he continues to speak his words of Love to me, whilst he slowly unzips.
I am always amazed at his stiffness and how it develops so quick.
I follow his words of Love to the settee and for a while I lay amongst them, and on top of him.
I concentrate on the rhythm of his diction and and the sound of his heart beat.
He patiently waits for me to take the lead.
I use my feet to push down and free him of his jeans and boxers whilst I pull his T-shirt up and over his head.
But as the controller of things, I remain fully dressed.
As I rub the Shea oil over his nipples he softly moans, but he is still able to recite his words of Love.
He tells me that ” I have his devotion, and so the wheel is in motion” , he tells me that ” Love is the word of the day”.
These being his last words before his release.
As the controller of things, I am still fully dressed.
This moment is his.
This moment is an expression of my Love for him.
He has no more words. They have been released onto skin.
We move our physical ode to each other to bathroom.
Here I have to option but to match his nakedness. I undress.
He watches. He has no words. But I see more growing in him!
In the bath, as he lays between my long legs, I raise one against the wall and the other over the ledge.
Making a perfect L!
An L for Love. Love is the word of this day.
Fluid brown skin against cream tiles, merging into each other as the song plays and the words repeat.

Love is the word of the day!

© KLove 2014


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