Fairy Tale

I am waiting for it.
I still believe in it.
The love after the K in me still hopes that love will end her story!

I still believe that he will be my Prince Charming and that he will come for and to rescue me. To free me from the clutches of unhappy!

Together we will rewrite my history.
Together we will write new chapters that lead to our fairy tale ending.

He will ignite the love jones in me!
He will speak words and poetry and ignite a passion that is Darius worthy.
He will become “the rhythm in my right thigh and the funk in my right”!
My answer will be ” yes, it is more than alright”.

Our love will be intense and complicated, but so strong that it can not be denied!
Our love will be intense and complicated, but so strong that it will surpass all obstacles and will defy time.
Our love will be intense and complicated, but strong, that like magnets, no matter whatever, whoever, no matter time, we will always be drawn to back to each other, and when we are, nothing nor no one will us divide!

Our love will be an immediate love, an urgent love, a love that grabs hold of me so tight, that is so powerful, so intoxicating and dominating, that all sense and sensibility is diminished, all that I deem to be wrong will feel so right.
A love that is so authoritative and commanding that no invitation necessary, it parts my legs and works itself all the way into me on the 1st night.

My knight in swaggered armour!
Rough and Rugged, far from perfect, but most definitely the sweetest thing that I have ever known, my destined to be one with, him!

You may laugh, I do not mind, because I believe that this will manifest, it will become real, and tangible, in at least one of my lifetimes.

We will ride out towards the golden sunlight!
I won’t look back!
Because all I have ever wanted and all I will ever need is in him.

He will make my heart sing!

© KLove 2014


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