Bra on my floor – Shawn Price

Super talented!

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My tongue wrote this poem on your back, when you took your rest next to me,
But I wiped it away so no one else could see…

Your bra’s on my floor. ..
Cuz we said the humidity is too high for shirts in here,
Then we ironically made more heat and now there’s mist in the air,
Now your head is laying on heavy pulse that you’ve cause,
On this soft blanket to comfort the scratches on my back that you cause with your claws,
While I try to kiss away those bites on your neck and ear,
Its nurturing not sexual, but it causes the moans I love to hear…

Without that bra you’re heart seems near…
No more trips to my dream land cuz my fantasy is, right here…

Your bra’s on my floor…
So you can imagine where my tongue is,
Giving your body the sweetest…

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