Pitch Black

That night,
I was a Boss!

Do you trust me?
All you have to do is say yes! (I said)

Yes ( he quickly, breathily, replied)
Hungrily anticipating what was to come next,
A little unsure, but confident that it would be another best night of his life.

When he had walked into the room, I saw his white eyes take in the lone chair, in the middle,
My pink fluorescent heels on the seat,
The tray on the floor, baring 4 cubes of ice, 1 kitchen knife, a small pot of honey.
His eyes switched back to me,
Lustfully taking in my nakedness!

What are you holding behind your back? ( he said)

Do you trust me?
All you have to do is say yes! (I said)

Yes (he replied),
As he picked up my pink fluorescent heels, handing them to me as he confidently/arrogantly took a seat,
Underestimating the Gangster in me!
Underestimating the sexual pleasure that he was about to receive.

Not one word shared as I blind folded, tied hands, taped lips, tied feet!
The only sounds being the beat of his anticipation, and our song…….playing on repeat.
“All you got to do is say yes”

All he said was yes…,
When I mounted him!
When the white ice (that had by then escaped his memory), connected with his black skin!
When he felt my pink fluorescent heels touch his ears!
Was all he said, other than… More!…. Please.

So lost in my gangster,
I didn’t feel it when he broke free! (Note to self, next time, tie more securely)

Do you trust me?
All you have to do is say yes! (he now said, as he Ninja stylee flipped me over, onto the floor and was straddling me)

Yes (I said, as he filled me with his thickness)
I said, as he climbed further and further into me!

Pitch black,
Except for my fluorescent pink heels high in the air!
Pitch black,
Except for the whites in the backs of my eyes as they rolled back…..whilst he sucked my honey off of his breasts!

No singer
But that night my yes’s reached Marsha heights,
No singer
But that night my pitch was perfect….I hit ridiculous notes, at ridiculous heights.

Climaxing Falsetto style,
Against the bass in his moans!
Making floetic love!
Our synchronised love sounds,
Making synchronised harmonies,
As he poured all of his Soul into me!

“All you got to do is say yes”
I remember that night……

It played on repeat!

Β© KLove 2013


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