LTAL (and Pain) – The book

Q & A

Q- Why is the book so big?

A- Many reasons.
1. I wanted the book to be unique in every way, to be different, to stand out! I am unique and different and so I wanted everything about the book to reflect me. A great deal of thought and time went into the cover, the interior, the spacing and the fonts.
2. I write in A4 books. I wanted the book to look like my writing book. I wanted to keep the same dimensions as when I “write out” in my book.
3. I am “fabulous” and I like things big, bold, all singing and dancing (lol)
4. I am OBSESSED with the cover picture. I wanted to give it real life.
5. A lot of my favourite books are big and hard back. I love a big book but a hard cover wouldn’t have been as effective with my picture so I went big on size instead.
And for those that have been saying” it would have been nice if it fit in my bag”, get a bigger bag! (lol) It fits nicely in mine.
6. Folded in half, the book would have been quite chunky. For someone who doesn’t read much, or who is knew to poetry a chunky book may have been a put off.
7. (Most important reason) – Nothing written in the book is Small to me. Each and every word is Big in value, sentiment, emotion, feeling, attachment! Putting this book out into the universe has meant putting myself and my feelings and my thoughts out for people to read, know and possibly judge. This was a Big deal for me and so I made the book big as my words deserved it!

Q- Why are the chapter headings not aligned?

A- Because I feel that every emotion or feeling can move and is changeable; however for me, Love is constant and is always at the centre of everything that I do, think or feel. So I kept the Love headings in the same place in the centre of the page, but moved the other headings around the page.

Q- Why are some of the poems written in different fonts?

A- The different fonts represent different emotions, levels of emotional attachment and importance as well as the depth of the feeling at that time.

Q- What made you decide to publish?

A- I try my best to be about what I preach or speak on. I preach and speak on “writing as therapy” because I whole heartedly believe in it. I want to encourage and I wanted people to see that I say. I have been through a lot of dark times and have often felt very alone and isolated. I have felt alone I’m my feelings, thoughts and experiences. Hopefully what I have put out will inspire, encourage speak to and help others to realise that they are not alone, that they are not mad, that others go through the same things, that they can push past themselves and that they will be ok.

Q- Are you worried that you will be judged/ you will be seen as few pennies short of a pound?

A- YES! – But I am trying to be more F…k, it this is me, about things. I am hoping that instead of judgement there will be understanding. I hope that those that read this and who know me personally, will have greater insight into and understanding of me.

Q- Why do you write under a pen name?

A- Because what I write about is very sensitive, very personal and it’s all me. Because I am not yet ready. To protect the identity of those that I write about. Because I am very shy.

Q- Are all of the people in the book real people? And are some of the poems about the same person?
A- 1 million percent yes (to both)

Q- When you write about a feeling/emotion/thought as opposed to a person, do you have someone in mind?m
A- Yes. Pretty much always.

Q- Are you still in Love with anyone that you have written about?

A- Love doesn’t leave me. I don’t believe that Real Love can leave. So, I will always Love those that I have written about, but I am only still IN Love with Him.

Q- Why did you end the book with “Don’t Judge Me”? It is in the Love section, but it feels more like Pain.

A- Because by the end of the book I am fully exposed. Completely naked. The reader knows all of me. So I say; “Don’t Judge Me”

© KLove 2013


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