Back soon

It has been a while since I have posted.
There have been a few reasons for this, but mainly it has been because it has been a very odd few weeks for me.
My energy, emotions, thoughts and feelings have been immense, but all over the place and for the fist time in a very long time, I have felt unable to catch them or pen them.

I know that this has to be a time of a real change because nothing in me feels familiar.
Deepak Chopra says something like (not sure I have the exact words)
“before great change there is immense chaos”

I hear his words, I feel his words and I feel in his words at this present time!

I will hopefully get back to writing it out soon. But at this time I suppose I am still processing.

In my last post I told you that I published my book; Lets Talk About Love (and Pain) the book. The link to Amazon is now at the foot of the blog page. You can also take a look inside.

I had been working on getting the book out all year and its so odd to me that all through that time I never once thought about how I would feel once I put it out and once family and friends read it. It is a lot more raw and personal than what I write on here I think and that’s because it is in the main a compilation of things written during a particularly difficult period.

The minute I sent the message out to let family and friends know that I had published (some didn’t even know that I write at all) I was overcome with anxiety, fear, regret, self doubt.
I spent a whole week in a state of sheer panic!

I am ok now and working my way back to “F…k it! this is me” mode.

Big Love
© KLove 2013


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