Shout out

To the other version of me.
The other me.
My alter ego maybe.
The better version of me.
The better me.
The person I wish that I always could be.
My best friend!

Thank you for pushing me up each day and standing behind me to ensure that I do not fall down and crumble into the heap of a mess that I often feel that I am.

Thank you for whispering into my ear every morning that today will be better, affirming that I can do it because I am me, and that you are me, so together we will fight.

Thank you for being my shoulder guard, continually brushing off those demons that have decided that my shoulders are theirs and that they do not need my permission to there reside.

Thank you laying on my back and holding onto my pillow that soaks up the tears that I cry.

Thank you for laying beside me each night. Your silent hums and quiet yet heavy breaths are what put me at ease when I close my eyes.

Thank you for holding my pen when I need to offload myself and stuff. I am not sure whether I would if not for you. I would most likely
Just sit here and cry, going silently crazy with all that would have been stored inside.

You are definitely a gift from the Most High.

You and I make the best team. We are the dream team, we can not be broken, can not be limited , not even by sky.

Thank you for not leaving my side.
Thank you for being my protector, my confident and my feisty and my so very sexy side.
But mostly thank you for getting me, even when you don’t really get me, when others who shouldn’t, disappear or hide and for loving me unconditionally through my good and bad times.

Beautiful strong one.
I give thanks for the blessing that is you, and for the you that is me.
I believe in and appreciate the strength and infinite power in you and that you breathe into me.

You are divine, magnificent, and my power.
You are Peace and Love and Light and more Love.

You are the best parts of me!

© KLove 2013


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