Last week was long and tiring and stressful and anxiety filled!

That was until Thursday when I had one of the best experiences in my life to date.

I got listen to my favourite author speak, I got to see her in person, talk to her, have my books signed by her.

She was amazing and articulate, and everything the fan in me wanted her to be.

And so I floated into Friday.

Saturday was odd, but peaceful.

A meditation and positive thinking class, and a well overdue lone body party later has left me reflective and with numerous random thoughts:

The mind is like a Garden
I am the gardener
My thoughts are the seeds
negative thoughts are the weeds!

Negative thoughts are wasteful, Disruptive and destructive. A habit to be kicked.

More seeds of love to be sown into me, by me.

When happy, pay attention. Recognise and be fully present/immersed in this state of being.

Accept self, love self, like self, understand self, appreciate self.

F…k it! to anyone who doesn’t get it, this is me!

My thoughts are my thoughts, but they do not own or define me. They are not necessarily me.

Acknowledge my strengths.
Acknowledge embrace, accept, love my uniqueness.

Acknowledge weaknesses but do not allow them to weaken me.

Innate qualities- peace, love, happiness, strength,wisdom= balance! empowerment, trust, contentment.

Obstacles instruct. I don’t like them, but they are necessary.

Dependancy and attachment to things and others stifles growth.
Expectations of others and life= disappointment.

Ridding self of dependence and attachment and expectation is the only true way to be free of mental captivity. The only real way to calm, stabilise, truly love and ground me.

Know when to stop and breathe.

Take time to readjust and re-align when need be.

© KLove 2013


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