Little Black Boy I Love you too!


Little black boy
I write to tell you that I love you too.

Although I honestly at times do not like your behaviour, your stance, or that “threatening” demeanour that you try your best to advance.

This morning you stopped me in the shop. Your hair was in an Afro, wildly escaping your cap. Your trousers were half way down your legs, which to me makes absolutely no sense; how can you expect to walk tall or strong or confident like that?
As expected, you had no answer when I asked you how you were able to explain, or what your reasons for this style were, infact you just looked on, silent.

Despite your attire you looked and smelt very clean and you approached me with the expected and appreciated respect and manners befitting of me your elder, your Queen.

You asked me to buy you some rizla as the shop owner had refused. When I told you that I infact agreed with him, you looked confused.

I was already running late for my appointment, but I decided to stop and talk with you. Given your reputation and the wording that I knew I would have to use, some may have said my decision was foolish, but I didn’t think twice, because that’s what this love I have for you drove me to do.

So I spoke to you as much as possible in your own language, knowing that this would be the only way you would digest anything said and knowing that this may be my one and only chance at an audience with you.

” Bruv, it’s 09:58am what do you need rizla for?
Your bag is full of books, are you on your way to college?, how do you expect to learn anything if your bunning before your 1st class?
Grades an education is not a mix dat a go mek it, it no mek no sense, none at all,
Your very handsome, and I bet your very smart,
Your mother is probably really proud of you, her handsome son who is intelligent, whose future is so bright, who she believes will go so far. Her son, her prince, her future, so my next question is why are you taking these opportunities that she is giving you as joke?
Why are you threatening the shop keeper? Bruv, what are you really gonna do? There is CCTV all over the shop, look up, you cyan see seh di Tv a watch unu? I just wanna clap you in your head, a way di backside do you?
How you so silent? Couple minutes ago, you had plenty of talk and so much to say, Bruv, I’m not tryin to piss you off, but I can’t allow you to behave or to portray yourself in this way.
You and your little friends, out here whillin like little demonic beasts, thinking that you are big men, when you actually favor little chiefs!
Your fooling no one, especially me, just fix up yourself and stop this foolishness, please, cah the next person you a go talk to, a di police!
And they won’t be as nice or as patient with you as I or this shopkeeper have been. Trust me when I tell you, they don’t like you, so hear what I am saying and know that I am saying it because I love you. I don’t want to watch or read about you on the news. Another little black boy who unexplainably died before he was released.
And, sorry to go back to it, but do you even know where this fashion trend that you rock came from?
Umm, I didn’t think so, well… The full story escapes me, but it stems from some inmates, in an American prison I think, they were not allowed belts, so they had no choice but to wear their trousers hanging loose. Go and look it up, use your iPhone or blackberry for something of use!
Is that what you aspire to be, an inmate? IM UP HERE BRUV, those Nikes don’t have the answers, and I’m not talking to them, I’m talking to you.
Ok. Lecture over, go on, go about your business, and no more smoking, at least not before class, get your baggy behind to college and be good for your mum.”

Little black boy, after you left the shop, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I was honestly so shocked and and also so proud that you didn’t react to what I had said the way the news tells me you would do.
You showed me what I have always known to be true. That you are my people, that you can listen, that you have manners and that not all of you are who or how society label you.
You are not beyond saving, you just need some guidance and a lot of love and support. All that talking and you just stood there listening, not once did you back chat or say anything rude.

You left the shop without the rizla, and you even apologised to the shop keeper, you smiled and told me that today you would go straight to college and that yes, you would be good.

Little black boy YOU HAVE GOT THIS, don’t let others actions or beliefs stereotype you.
Know that we your mothers, sisters, aunts, godmothers, girlfriends, will always be here to love and support you.

However we will not tolerate anything less than your best because what you do reflects on us too.
We refuse to allow unruly, disgraceful or un-disciplined behaviour to distract attentions from our Thrones, so we will do our best to steer your intentions, encourage your talents, promote and shine on your power, provide positive and functional homes.

(Little black girl if your reading this (and only when your old enough) be mindful of the importance of him, a Queen can only sit beside a King on her Throne. You are never wrong to love him, but be particular in how you do so, facilitation of criminal or nonsense behaviour is a hell no! Always make your royal requirements known. In doing so you will gain not just his heart, but his respect, which you will learn that it is worth so much more than a few minutes in his pleasure zone.)

( Little black boys mum, if your reading this, and I hope that you are, I speak as your sister. Speak your sons father. Encourage him to play an active roll, to guide, to be a role model and there for his child. I know that you are tired and that this is hard, but avoidance, facilitation or anger, is not how best to deal with this your most important and mamouth task. No more making excuses for bad behaviour on account of your big love, else you will be equally blameable for the inevitable end result)

Little black boy I love you too.
I don’t care what they say, I know that you can do anything that you put your mind too.
Little black boy I love you, walk with me. Strip free of their labels and their so called self fulfilling prophecies.

Little black boy I love you too.
Don’t allow them to grip or chain you with their shackle mentality.

Little black boy I love too.
I so want you to win!
I know that you can do it. Dig deeper and you will see what I in you see within.

Little black boy I love you too.
Please don’t disappoint me, I have been through so much to get where I am, I need you beside me when you are older as my strong, educated black man!

Little black boy I love you too.
I really do.

Little black boy


© KLove 2013


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