Day Dream

He walks through the door
Into the living room

Oh, wow, he says, where are your clothes, what is going on?

I stand before him in my heels and gold chain, wearing only these items and the perfume that he says always makes him want to do me again and again!

Welcome home baby I say, your home just in time,

In time for what he says,

For your party I reply, tonight we are celebrating Wednesday and my love for you, your beauty, and my gratitude for you. Tonight we are celebrating that I am yours and that you are mine.

I approach him and he stands strong, rooted to the spot, he knows me well enough to be excited yet slightly nervous as to what I have in mind, for what I have planned for him at this naked body party that I am hosting and at which he is the only guest of mine.

Kut Close playing in the back ground;
(“I like the way you tease me, I like the way you touch me, I like the way you sex me, my body’s yearning for you baby, for a taste of your love, only you can fulfil this appetite, come on and satisfy my love”)

Can I have this dance I say, and in my capacity as host, I am dictating what goes, tonight we dance naked, I want to feel your skin against mine, so off with those clothes!

He smiles

Ok he says, whatever you say, what you say goes, I am but your humble guest of honour, so if you want them off that’s fine, but you will have to undress me Ms hostess.

I laugh

And as his wish is my command, I start at the top, hat, jacket, jumper, vest, gloves, I peel them all slowly and intentionally off.

Pushed up closed on him, swaying my hips, inside his arms, the bottom clothes begin rubbing off whilst we dance.

Baby he says, and I know what he wants, but I am the host and tonight I say we keep on moving with the lights on.

When the trousers fall off I look down and it’s my turn to smile. The magic stick is erect, ready and anxious to perform. Speaking to me in our visible language, telling me that it’s time!

When he picks me up, I notice that the music has changed. Mavado now playing as he lays me down.

As I lay against him after we have have exchanged our energy and happiness, after we have celebrated and reciprocated our Love, he kisses my back, and in my ear he whispers…I don’t know what I did to deserve you, you are my everything, before you I could never have imagined these feelings, the peace and happiness that I feel when I hold you, because of you I now know Love, I hope that I am never without this feeling again, I will do every and anything to protect them, for you and this Love I will go far beyond the extra mile, you are my good fortune, since you, I am my best, you are definitely the best thing to have happened to me in this lifetime, I am the most blessed man, and it’s because half of me is now you, I am so blessed to have you as my wife, (He doesn’t see it, but his words make my heart cry) there is only one thing that can make our picture better…

What is that I ask,

As he rolls me over and he enters me again, he leans into me, and as I raise up to kiss the uninvited tear from my favourite eye, he says to me…..

When you have my child!
© KLove 2013


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