Serendipity mixed with an Angel and a little me.

When I woke up yesterday morning I sighed and thought to myself blahh, another day of this ground hog ish again.
But I got up anyway, thinking K, until you or your imaginary husband make a million you got to do the do, suck it up ,you got bills to pay.

On my morning run I noticed that the air felt different, less tight, I could feel every breath taken in, something was going to happen today.

Left for work, no expectations other than the usual, feeling a little uneasy, knowing that my intuition is normally on point, hoping that whatever this thing that was about to happen wouldn’t be dramatic, after all, it’s only Wednesday.

Arrived at my destination and of course my client was running late.

Shrugged it off and decided to take a walk. Through the local shopping centre, my only aim being to grab a Ribena light to drink, to make me feel a little less irritated, ribena being one of the small things that gets me through the day.

I somehow confused myself and used the wrong entrance, having no idea where I would come out. Cursing at myself for my absent mindedness.

And then. I looked up.

I was standing in front of Waterstones book shop. And the sign in the window read “An Evening with Sister Souljah ”


I completely forgot about my client, now they would have to wait. I literally ran into the shop and considering it was empty, well I can see that I must have looked odd.

The young man behind the counter looked scared. Lol

I must have looked like a crazy woman, and I was speaking so fast, and I was aware that I was, but I was teenager excited so I couldn’t stop.

In reply to my million questions he said that she would not be doing this at any other store, and I mentally noted that I had not heard of her ever being in the UK before.

Imagine, I wasn’t even meant to be in the shopping center, or have not have entered it that way!
Only 2 tickets left, they may as well have had Ms Me written on them!

Serendipity! Yayyyyyyyyyy.

The young man at the counter looked at me and said ” I am so happy to be a part of this, from your massive smile it looks as though I have just made your day, it’s serendipitous, fate.

I said ” thank you young man, how I am feeling right now, I can’t even say, you see I have been searching, and you have just witnessed my sign that it is all about to be ok… This woman is amazing and she speaks to me in a way that my words can’t describe. I have been wanting for something magical to occur, I had no idea that it would be this or that it would happen today, I’m so happy I could literally cry, and you can take me literally, crying seems to be my talent, I find myself doing all and at the most inappropriate time.
Now I feel ready, ready to do the do, and today I will be having words with Ms K Love, we need to put our differences aside, and put pen to paper, we have some writing to do”.

Whose K Love, he asked after I had paid and turned to walk away.

I let out a little laugh and then replied, ” she is me, she is every woman, but she has been MIA!

He looked at me, understandably confused, but then and completely unfazed, he replied, ” well it was nice to meet you both and I hope that you both enjoy the rest of your day”

Not everyone is blessed with Angels in this life, but from that young mans response, filled with zero judgement, just Love and Light, I know that I am am blessed, as I had stumbled on yet another one, and all because I was me enough to follow the sign!

© KLove 2013


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