I know me!

I been hearing that I’m ugly, unattractive, repulsive, ill mannered, not good enough, secondary,not to your taste.
I been looking behind me, today at least 3x, for the person you must be talking about, you can’t seriously be referring to me? No way!

But apparently, this is how you feel about black women!

Well not that your asking, but this is madness. That’s my opinion in any case. Like it or not that’s what I have to say.
I find your opinion hard to process, to accept, exactly on what or whom is it based?
In fact I refuse to accept it. And I will have no regard to any of your reasoning should you have any, with me this is far from ok.

How dare you categorise or stereotype me in this way!

To be fair I have heard this before and I had known this was an issue back in the day, but in 2013 are you for real, you can not make me invisible, I won’t allow it to go down this way.

I had never paid much attention to this so called issue because I know and have always known exactly who I am, and that is everything, every woman, every feeling, every blessing, every Godly beautiful, magical amazing thing that words can describe or that the Most High could create.

I know that I am Love, and Life and Power and Light and intelligence, and elegance, and strength, and worth and sexy! And so I stand against your talk and your opinion and your perceptions,with my head held way up high!

I have not and will not worry about your so called perceptions, because I know me, and my sisters and my friends and my family, and we do not in any shape or form reflect what it is that you so erroneously speak!

I have never and will never penetrate any of the negativity that you are apparently aiming at me!

Because I know and have always known that what I think and only what I think of me is reality, and only then can it amount to a real belief.

I laugh at the notion that I am not deemed sexy, because I know that I have always and historically been every Babylonians fantasy!

However what disturbs me is that this talk, these opinions, these perceptions are becoming more frequently expressed, making it harder to avoid having/ voicing an opinion on it, making it harder of it not to speak!

And what’s worse and even more disturbing is that it appears that this talk, and these opinions and these perceptions are coming from those that are meant to be protecting me.

Mind f..in to say the least!

How can you despise this colour that is the same as what in your mirror you see?

Your sisters and female family members look like me!

The depth of your issues in my humble opinion are beyond any Dr’s ability to treat!

I could never hate you as you appear to do me. In fact what I feel for you is much pity!

Hopefully you will never father children as no matter what you say genetics are fact! Your children will always be half black!

I feel sorry for your mother, she mush be so disappointed as embarrassed to know that this talk that she too has heard of, comes from her own sons mouth!

How can you despise what it is that gave you life, who nurtured and fed and clothed and fought, who made you who you are and whom you travelled through into this life?

It’s not for me to convince you however, you are free to make your choice, we live in a time of freedom of speech I guess, each to their own I suppose.

Your opinion is your opinion, but I will always disagree,

Because I know Black women and I know me!

Because I know that the Black in the woman equals unequivocal, undeniable beauty and positivity !

I wish you the best in your future endeavours, live happily.

I won’t miss you or your talk, your opinions or your perceptions, because I know me.

I am blessed and highly favoured, I will always live Royally!

This applies to my sisters, my friends and my family too, so I will say with all the Love I can muster that you can take your talk,and your opinions and your perceptions and do something with them that an elegant and royal lady would never speak or tell you to do!

© KLove 2013


5 thoughts on “I know me!

  1. I love it. Exactly what we spoke about on Saturday. Not worth giving it air time, but hard not to when it is spoken more frequently now.

    Thanks for taking the time to express what many of us might be thinking. xx

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