Sometimes I have so much to write
So much to say
But the words won’t come out.
Stuck in my head
But they won’t come out.
I can’t pen them.

Is it writers block?
Or am I am blocking me?
Is it because I don’t want to see them?
Or feel them?
Is it because I am avoiding me?

When the darkness seems constant yet welcome.
When Love seems to be everywhere however so unattainable for me.
When the anxiety is at its highest.
I feel lost.
I don’t where to start first.

Normally the paper is what I turn to.
After all, I am the advocate for writing as therapy.

However sometimes the emotion refuses to be released. And the thoughts, and the feelings, the images, that are laced with so much Love, but also sadness, guilt, disappointment, shame; stifle me.

It has been raining again.
Funny how the weather often mirrors that what is within me.

So I will wait.
Until what needs to be released flows as freely as these tears from me.
Not forced, never anything other than the words that are one million percent organic and real.

I will continue to Love, continue to feel.

Soon the words will pour like this rain from me.
Seemingly unstoppable, sometimes frowned upon and uncomfortable,
Yet always necessary!

Like the change of seasons, I await the next chapter in the evolution of me.

© KLove 2013


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