Mind Games- Celibacy part 5

Almost is never enough.
We were almost a love
You were almost My love.
We almost made love- numerous times.

My mind is playing tricks on me as it remembers.
As it whispers to my loins.
Laying here, it convinces me that you are touching me.

My back arches.
My breath breaks free. Escaping me.
I don’t recognise my sounds.
My pulse attacks me. It’s beating so hard.
My expression gives me away.
I am in the zone now.

I can feel you inside of me.
Your rhythm is torturous- sending shocks all over my body. Strong, repetitive.
But I like it!

You are all over my skin.
I cannot contain this feeling. The pleasure.
As I push back on you, I feel all of you.
Overly full.
You pull my head back.
My eyes roll back.
But I like it.

I feel your energy surging through my body.
My breath now held hostage to this feeling.
My love seeps out.

Everywhere .
Hands so big are
like scorching cotton clouds on me.
But I like it.

You are built to fit me. Not exact, yet it feels right as you open me up.
So hard.
My love grips you tight, as I hold on. I have waited too long to slacken.

A slight movement and you are deeper…..into me.
I am stuck to you stronger than any glue. Despite this heat and moisture.

My noise conducts your rhythm.
I tremble
I shake
I erupt
I release.

I open my eyes.
I smile.

My mind is playing tricks on me.
But I like it!

© KLove 2013


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